SweetBird Syrups

  I suppose this this isn’t in any way healthy BUT Sweetbird syrups are pretty awesome because they’re both endorsed by the vegetarian society and by viva vegan. There is a tremendous range in flavours and they taste awesome. Mum bought me the caramel fudge flavour. We ordered it online from garraways.com – a coffee […]

Morning Juice

This morning I made fresh juice for mum and me. In Mum’s I used half a cucumber, carrots, apples, ginger and lemon. In mine I used carrots, apples, broccoli stems, ginger and lemon. I really love starting the day off with a delicious fresh juice packed with vitamins, minerals and good energy. It sets my […]

Scando Buns

Scandinavians in general scare me. They’re too tall, too blonde and their economy is thriving. Norwegians fit this model and they don’t have the embarrassment of Ikea or Skoda to make them humble. I lived with one of their kind, she put bleach in my starbucks to go cup, left uncovered onions in the fridge […]

Face food

I am a self confessed skin care addict, the kind of person that wanders anywhere they sell a face mask and instantly feels soothed.  Maybe it’s the smell of new things, usually highly scented and conveniently placed or the bright lights that lull me into a false sense of security. Maybe I’m just a sucker for […]