Revitalising Smoothie!!

I am in the middle of exams and occasionally need an un-caffeinated boost (though I have one coffee per day so it’s not bad to be honest!) I figured since it’s very warm in London I’ll start eating a little bit more raw. (This is actually only possible today because I’m blending a smoothie and […]

The Best Avocado In The World.

Yesterday I bought two large avocado from the fruit and veg man for £1.00. They’re usually £1.00 for five but because they were quite large and beautifully fresh I didn’t complain. Plus the same ones in whole foods cost £2.80 each! When I got home and tasted it, it was the best I’ve ever tried…firm […]

TO DIE FOR (but no one did thankfully) beautiful hand bags.

Lately my conscience has been getting the better of me. I work for lush, I have an 80% vegan diet, I take my macbook pro to Yumchaa and order tea picked but monks. Yet I wonder if this is all made redundant by the fact that sometimes I also shop at Primark. I don’t like […]

Sugar Free, Dairy Free Banana Loaf of Happiness

I don’t often make anything sugar free so this was a new and epic achievement. The banana loaf of happiness was born from some store cupboard ingredient and four very ripe, very old and very miserable bananas. I also wanted loaf and a cup of tea. This hit the spot. Plus my dad can eat […]

Pasta Fun!

For dinner I made a quicky pasta. I boiled up the pasta and then let it drain in a colander in the sink. In the same pot I gently sautéed onions and garlic. Then added a whole bag of spinach, two vine tomatoes cut into quarters, 1/3 cup white wine, 1tbs soya butter, olive oil, a […]

Brunch Me!

I have resits in a week and truth be told I was utterly dreading them. I was pretty miserable about it and kind of depressed, but today luckily everything sort of fell into place. I’m far more confident and actually looking forward to them. I’ve also been really lucky in that my parents have paid […]

Sell your shoes aubergine dip. (It’s that good.)

I cannot explain how much I love this, in fact I used to have severe cravings and have made friends eat Lebanese food at all sorts of crazy hours. I’d never actually figured out that it was incredibly easy to make and provides a pretty healthy delicious, dip for lunch or snacking. Aubergines or eggplants […]

YOGA BUNNY. (Nearly.)

I was stacking bath melts (the mango melts smell uh-mazing!) My mind was drifting off and suddenly I thought ‘hmm I should probably start doing yoga.’ Having said that yoga is expensive, super expensive. I stopped thinking and started stacking. Then some friendly ladies came into the shop and handed over five ‘yoga passports.’ they […]

Soul food, happiness and a quinoa salad for your brain (and booty!)

This morning as I sat in my sunny kitchen I wrote a really long and personal blog post. There were photos and everything! Then as I went to upload, nada. The whole thing had vanished into cyber space and I was left with nothing more than a sigh. Ah well. So this will be the […]