Ten days and no posts…here goes.

No posts for what seems like an eternity, coincided with my not eating anything particularly vegan. I’m not as healthy feeling but I had fun. I have a bit of a moral dilemma whenever I don’t eat vegan. I’m not obsessive enough to worry about the effect that a slice of pepperoni pizza will have on my body but a bit of guilt washes over me as I think of the piggies. (And the problem is I do.) I’m not going to drone on and on about this. I suppose people should do what makes sense for them and how they feel better. Yet t’s not always possible to make the best choices because let’s face it – we may not want to. I used to look down on this point of view but as I’ve grown up a little I think it’s reasonable, because nothing would have been better than my pizza night last week. It was so wonderful, a really romantic simple and lovely evening. Sometimes I want to shout about it from the rooftops but other times I think it’s better to keep it safe, secret and personal. I’m going to miss him, however, very much over the Holidays.

Image   ImageImage

This is our home at Christmas – my mother does a great job. We don’t have a real tree but a reusable synthetic tree, that is set to last and is looking pretty good. I’ve been baking like a little monster lately and I’m trying to post all the recipes that came out well. I made some mini chocolate cupcakes, coconut meringues, millionaire’s shortbread and a coffee cake. I’m making mince pies tomorrow. Hooray!





The mini cupcakes are vegan and I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. Now to find some vegan christmas recipes.


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