Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

This year has been filled with the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. To say it has been a roller coaster is cliched and a bit silly but it ended on a high. I’m finally happy and in a lovely, amazing relationship with myself (vomit now if you must!) With my friends, family and a really awesome person. Excellent, box ticked. There are still a million other things lefts to achieve. I’d like for example to realise what I want do or achieve in a career, I’d like to become super healthy and go to the gym more. I need to manage my time better. These aren’t necessarily life changing or world changing resolutions but they are things I’m guessing everyone probably needs to do a bit more of. I’m probably going to be spending more time cooking sugar free and avoiding white flour. Definitely more time meditating and managing my stress (and grumpiness!) levels. I started the New Year by having a lovely bath and really wanted to write about the products that I use. I worked for Lush over the summer and fully took advantage of my discount. The products do contain parabens which  (however much my old assistant manager tried to spin it) I’m not a fan of. For the whole they’re nice handmade products and brighten up my bath time.


My mother has amazing taste and our house is always beautifully decorated. The bathroom is always filled with beautiful nicknacks, above are some natural sea sponges, a tisty tosty bath bomb from Lush and a lovely vegetable hand soap from Italy.


The ocean salt from lush is really fresh and zesty. The granules are small enough to use on the face and the scent really wakes me up. It isn’t the best face scrub I’ve ever used but I really love the smell.


This is Lush’s ‘New’ solid shampoo bar which contains cinnamon to promote new hair growth. I absolutely love that it’s a solid because there is no water in it and therefor the preservatives have been totally cut down. My hair looks very shiny and full and I’ll continue to use it. The second is a bath melt thing which smelt amazingly and made my skin so soft. I was really relaxed by the spicy sweet smell. Just lovely. The third is a sugar scrub, it comes in a solid dome shape and breaks down when it comes into contact with water. I like the consistency and the small is fabulous. It’s a really great scrub and gets rid of dead skin leaving my body smelling fabulous and super soft.   Plus because it’s a solid product it doesn’t need any preservatives.


I bought this mask a few months ago and it’s nice, it smells good and has no animal derivatives. I was going to say that it’s not amazing but it’s more than coincidental that my skin always look fabulous and very plump after having used it. It’s very relaxing and especially effective when used in the steam room. I also love that the products I use are made in the UK.


This is another Lush shower gel – from their Christmas range. It smells very lavendery a bit sweet and a bit spicy. It’s great for relaxation and baths before bed time. I love having baths and using new products. Luckily I’ve got lots more to use an review!


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