No more vegan?


I haven’t been vegan in a while and I’m not entirely sure I ever will be again. On the one hand this upsets me and on the other I feel a excited at the prospect of eating everything I please. I’m conflicted and it’s one of those decisions I can’t make over night. The fact is I’m extremely good at cooking, to the point where I think it’s a shame to exclude certain foods and experiences. This is also combined with the fact that I’m naturally a small framed person and find it difficult to keep to a healthy weight when vegan, my body craves iron and I never seemed to get enough. It’s a conundrum because I preferred the lightness veganism gave me, the healthy energy that circulated within me. I miss how my body felt nourished and clean and harmonious. I miss feeling excited at running and taking a yoga class. Yet I feel far better being a heavier weight. However when I survey the pros and cons I see a lot more cons in my new diet. Yes food is delicious and there to be enjoyed but yes my skin is spotty, my head is foggy, my ass has doubled and my tummy is softer than it should be! I’m definitely keen to get back to a more wheel food plant based diet but once in a while I’ll post naughty, fattening, meaty fun. Marvel at these photos from valentines day.






3 thoughts on “No more vegan?

  1. I’m a little bit disappointed, but I still find your blog interesting. I came here from a link on the Kind Life forum. I thought maybe you would post some interesting vegan recipes. Maybe there’s some in the archives?

    It’s cool, though. I definitely understand that meat and dairy are much more prevalent and easy to purchase and cook, especially when you were raised on them. It’s comfort food and holds good memories.

    I’ve been pescetarian for a while and recently made a temporary (maybe permanent) leap to vegan-ism (doing a 90-day vegan challenge). At social events and BBQs, I usually bring my own stuff and sometimes get comments like “Don’t you want some of this delicious steak/chicken/etc.?” The truth is that sometimes I miss being able to just choose anything on the menu when I go to a restaurant (like sweet and sour chicken), but I don’t really crave meat anymore.

    Don’t give up! Or if full-on vegan isn’t for you, maybe try being a flexitarian and make healthy vegan or veggie meals part of the time and eat meat and cheese the rest of the time. Sometimes being veggie or vegan is really hard, but it doesn’t have to be black and white.

  2. Thanks for reading and for your kind, considered comment. I just read your message and I was so confused..then I remembered! but keep reading my reply it all ends well. Ok so the above post was written in February. It was a strange little phase I went through. It lasted a week and I felt crappy – not only in my soul but my body too. Every time I ate non vegan foods I wanted to vomit and I was consumed by guilt too. Then I jumped back and became a super vegan, making sure I switched everything even my toothpaste to a kind alternative! I stopped writing the blog not because I stopped being vegan but because I got a job, graduated and was super busy but also a little lost.

    Since then I got married and fell pregnant. Pregnancy is amazing and for the first trimester I was totally vegan, baby was growing well and I felt good. The second trimester was a disaster, I felt nauseated by most vegan foods and was away from home. I just ate everything in sight and felt so gross it was unbelievable.

    Here’s where it gets better. I’m now 26 1/2 weeks preggo and after those three months of crappiness, I’ve switched back to a vegan diet completely! My body literally rejects anything non vegan now. So fear not! I’ve started a new bog called and it’s filled with recipes and pregnancy tips. You may not be pregnant or planning but the food recipes I hope are yummy.


    Kate x

  3. Awesome! Also, I’m slowly sifting through your archives and finding some pretty amazing veg recipes, like the “Scando Buns”! (Slow Friday at work. Score!) I’ll definitely be favouriting and following your new blog, too.
    I’m not a momma, yet, and I’m not planning on it anytime too soon (married, but young and still focused on my career) but maybe sometime in the future. šŸ˜‰

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