About Me

I’m Kat and I like kale. Actually I love Kale. Though there’s more to me than just a misplaced kale obsession. I love all things beet related and sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I obsess about mushrooms. Unfortunately cooking has taken over my life and usually I lie in bed thinking about different types of miso or the benefits of soya chai lattes (very few nutritional benefits..) My noodle phase or should I say craze has subsided but if you ever need green tea flavoured soba noodles, wholewheat udon or plain gelatinous rice fun then I’m your girl. I also like making things, though truth be told, I’m terrible at it. Sunny weather makes me smile as do tulips, scented candles, puppies and kitchen gadgets. I love me a kitchen gadget.

Am I vegan?
Hmmm this is tricky. I try as much as possible but sometimes I stray and I’m not. I’ll mainly post vegan food here but occasionally you’ll see recipes that call for diary and meat…I always use locally sourced and organic, free range meat, dairy and eggs. Always. There are no exceptions. This is a rare occurrence and whilst I don’t like to justify my actions I find that occasionally my body just craves non vegan food and after I’ve eaten it I feel satisfied but if I eat unvegan for a prolonged period of time I just feel unwell. One day I hope to be totally vegan but for now 90% of the time is good for me.

Am I healthy?
I guess so. I’ve never been in a diet, I haven’t had a cold in years and I eat carbs – why are they deemed the enemy?!

Do I like substitutes?
Hmmm I have never bought actual meat substitutes. I was raised by an old school veggie vegan before it became cool. She cooked lentils and wild rice (before whole foods even existed) and smothered us all in lavender oil. I’m grateful for this, it’s made me more humble and susceptible to change. My mum now occasionally eats meat but her heart will always be in a bowl of veggie chilli non carne.

Why the blog?
I really like writing, reading and cooking so it seemed like a natural transition. I love trying new things and buying yummy deliciousness so this is a great place to justify my need to sample new foods and cook all the time…



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