Coconut Cream.

I have always loved coconut and cream. In fact a world where creamy coconutty deliciousness existed was somewhere that I wanted to move to. So when I realised that vegans had been making whipped coconut cream I rejoiced. Then I tried it and it failed. So i tried it again and lo and behold it […]

The Best Avocado In The World.

Yesterday I bought two large avocado from the fruit and veg man for £1.00. They’re usually £1.00 for five but because they were quite large and beautifully fresh I didn’t complain. Plus the same ones in whole foods cost £2.80 each! When I got home and tasted it, it was the best I’ve ever tried…firm […]

Sugar Free, Dairy Free Banana Loaf of Happiness

I don’t often make anything sugar free so this was a new and epic achievement. The banana loaf of happiness was born from some store cupboard ingredient and four very ripe, very old and very miserable bananas. I also wanted loaf and a cup of tea. This hit the spot. Plus my dad can eat […]

YOGA BUNNY. (Nearly.)

I was stacking bath melts (the mango melts smell uh-mazing!) My mind was drifting off and suddenly I thought ‘hmm I should probably start doing yoga.’ Having said that yoga is expensive, super expensive. I stopped thinking and started stacking. Then some friendly ladies came into the shop and handed over five ‘yoga passports.’ they […]

Soul food, happiness and a quinoa salad for your brain (and booty!)

This morning as I sat in my sunny kitchen I wrote a really long and personal blog post. There were photos and everything! Then as I went to upload, nada. The whole thing had vanished into cyber space and I was left with nothing more than a sigh. Ah well. So this will be the […]

Morning Juice

This morning I made fresh juice for mum and me. In Mum’s I used half a cucumber, carrots, apples, ginger and lemon. In mine I used carrots, apples, broccoli stems, ginger and lemon. I really love starting the day off with a delicious fresh juice packed with vitamins, minerals and good energy. It sets my […]